I have not read most of the big 19th—century novels that people consider “essential,” nor most of the 20th-century ones for that matter. But this does not embarrass me. There are many films to see, many friends to visit, many walks to take, many playlists to assemble and many favorite books to reread. Life’s too short for anxious score-keeping. Also, my grandmother is illiterate, and she’s one of the best people I know. Reading is a deep personal consolation for me, but other things console, too.

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In response to the question, “What books are you embarrassed not to have read yet?” 

I am so glad for this answer. I tire of "but did you read [insert cishet White man with anti-intersectional perspectives and White Savior Industrial Complex]" bla bla or “did you read [insert cishet White woman with book deemed ‘revolutionary’ for ‘all women’]” yet it speaks nothing to my life at all.

Over it. Read what you want.

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this is so great

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this forever, i want to dismantle any preconceptions about a canon and let people read/watch/listen to (or even not) anything they want to. fuck snobbery.

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